About the Search Consultants

Mark D. DiRocco, Ph.D. is an experienced school leader and strong public school advocate with 44 years of experience including 39 years in a variety of leadership roles.  He believes that providing quality education to our children is one of the most important responsibilities of our society and is passionate in his support and advocacy for public education.  Mark understands that an effective superintendent can have a significant positive impact on students, staff, and an entire community.  


Mark served as a public school educator for 38 years in four different school districts. He started his career as an elementary teacher for 5 years in the Muncy School District before pursuing a career as a school administrator. After a brief stint as Assistant Jr.-Sr. High School Principal in Muncy, he served as Jr.-Sr. High School Principal in the Sullivan County School District for 10 years.  Mark held a number of administrative positions in the Lewisburg Area School District over a 22 year period including Middle School Principal, High School Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and served as Superintendent of the district for his final 14 years from 2002 to 2016. 

During his time in Lewisburg, the school district received many state and national recognitions including consistently being ranked in the top 10% of the state for academic achievement and for its commitment to the arts.  Mark also served the community in several capacities including time on the United Way Board and as an Advisor to the Green Dragon Foundation.  


In his role as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA), Mark provided support, guidance, and a variety of services to school superintendents and school district leaders. He is best known for a series of virtual briefings that he conducted for superintendents across the state during the height of the pandemic providing detailed and valuable information in a time of confusion and uncertainty.






Connie R. Kindler, M.Ed. is a leader of leaders with 50+ years serving educational leaders and organizations.  She is driven by her passion for the well-being and growth of our youth and understands the superintendent and school board’s impact on successful school districts.  She provides leadership development consulting services for current and aspiring superintendents, leadership teams, and school boards, and conducts executive searches.    


After serving as a teacher, counselor, principal, and director of education, Connie served for 8 years as the superintendent of the Camp Hill School District (CHSD).  During her tenure as superintendent, CHSD received multiple state and national recognitions, including being consistently ranked in the top 10%.  She was overwhelmingly supported by the Camp Hill school community for her "students first" guiding principle and her engagement of all stakeholders.  Upon her retirement a literacy park was dedicated in her name.  


Following her retirement from CHSD she served as the PDE Acting Deputy Secretary of Education in which she successfully fulfilled the charge to coordinate communication and collaboration efforts between five Deputies, two Special Assistants, and Statewide policy, legislative, communication, legal, and education professionals.   She was then recruited to serve as the PA Statewide System of Support Services Coordinator and a consultant to the PA Comprehensive and School Improvement Planning Team.


In 2016 she was asked to serve as the Consultant for Professional Development for PASA.  Within this position she actively engaged with current and aspiring superintendents, providing mentoring and coaching services, and coordinating and facilitating professional development.  Trusted relationships with current and aspiring superintendents emerged throughout her six-year tenure.  


Her areas of expertise are leadership development, coaching, mentoring, strategic planning, goal setting, conflict resolution, organizational culture, community engagement, executive recruitment, succession planning, and leadership transition.  Her strength lies in her unique ability to assist her clients with the attainment of their goals.